Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2000. No. 5

Oleg N. Trubachev
From the history and linguistic geography of East Slavonic spread
4 - 27
B. Comrie
Language and prehistory: on the multidisciplinary approach
28 - 31
Aleksandr E. Kibrik
On the problem of nuclear actants and “non-canonical marking”: the testimony of the Archi language
32 - 67
Timur A. Maisak, Sergei G. Tatevosov
The “space” of the speaker as expressed in categories of grammar: what is impossible to say of one's own self
68 - 80
Л.И. Скворцов
S. I. Ozegov. The man and dictionary (on the centenary of the scientist)
81 - 92
S.I. Ozhegov
On the popular speech (the urban speech variant)
93 - 110
A.V. Barandeev
[Рец. на / Review of:] Russian lexicographers of the XVIII-XIX centuries. Materials for a reading-book, 1998; Russian lexicographers of the XX century, 1999
111 - 115
O.V. Nikitin
[Рец. на / Review of:] Yu. S. Stepanov. Constants. Dictionary of Russian culture
115 - 119
K.V. Gorshkova
[Рец. на / Review of:] M. L. Kalenčuk, R. F. Kasatkina. A dictionary of the difficulties of Russian pronunciation
120 - 122
V.M. Zhivov, E.A. Zemskaya, L.P. Krysin
[Review of:] Handbuch der sprachwissenschaftlichen Russistik und ihrer Grenzdisziplinen. Wiesbaden: Harassowitz, 1999
122 - 137
Vladimir A. Plungian
[Рец. на / Review of:] R. M. W. Dixon, Al. Y. Aikhenvald (Eds.). The Amazonian languages
138 - 141
V.Z. Demyankov
[Рец. на / Review of:] V. G. Gak. Language changes
141 - 144
Yu.N. Karaulov
[Рец. на / Review of:] Spanish-Russian dictionary. Latin America
144 - 146
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle features
147 - 158