Year / Number Authors Title Pages
2023, 3 Elena V. Uryson Delimiting the class of derived prepositions in Russian: Grammatical and semantic features of <em>isključaja</em> ‘excluding’ and <em>vključaja, sčitaja</em> ‘including’ 7-26
2023, 3 Alexander B. Letuchiy Russian colloquial complement clauses with <em>čto</em>: Quotative use and other special properties 27-59
2023, 3 Natalia Bernitskaïa, Robert Roudet Indefi niteness in Russian expressions like <em>Oni brali vsë, čto najdut</em> 60-76
2023, 2 Varvara Magomedova, Natalia Slioussar Gender variation and gender markedness in Russian nouns 7-28
2023, 2 Daria D. Mordashova The structure of the semantic domain of modality in Russian: Modelling systemic relations between constructions (based on the Russian Constructicon) 29-55
2023, 2 Sergey V. Knyazev Northern Russian intonation: Prosodic breaks 56-88
2023, 2 Arseniy P. Vydrin Ossetic verbal paradigms in a cross-linguistic perspective 89-113
2023, 2 Alexey I. Vinyar Beyond syntacticocentric and lexicalist: Event-structural force-dynamic approach to noun incorporation and promotion to direct object in Amguema Chukchi 114-143
2023, 2 Anastasiya B. Khazova Linguistic studies of computer-mediated communication 144-156
2023, 2 Yulia V. Nikolaeva [Review of:] J. Bressem. Repetitions in gesture: A cognitive-linguistic and usage-based perspective. Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter Mouton, 2021. 157-166
2023, 1 Boris А. Uspenskij Russian <em>gosudar’</em> ‘sovereign’: Нistory and etymology 7-18
2023, 1 Olga E. Pekelis What micro-diachronic analysis can tell us about unmarked indefinites: Evidence from Russian 19-53
2023, 1 Ekaterina N. Vinogradova Grammaticalization, lexicalization, and pragmaticalization: Russian constructions with the preposition <em>PO</em> 54-87
2023, 1 Elena A. Nefedova North Russian prefix <em>Z-</em>: Between phonetics and morphemics 88-102
2023, 1 Peter M. Arkadiev Finiteness in morphology and syntax: Evidence from Abaza 103-131
2023, 1 Ilya B. Itkin Tocharian A manuscript №№ 144–211 from Šorčuq: The new data. I 132-150
2023, 1 Suren T. Zolyan Semantics of linguistic sign in the light of the asymmetrical dualism theory: Possible extensions 151-168
2022, 6 Alexey A. Gippius Birchbark letters from Veliky Novgorod and Staraya Russa excavations of 2021 7-20
2022, 6 Elena L. Berezovich, Irma I. Mullonen On semantic and etymological reconstruction of borrowed “cultural words”: Pomor Russian noun <em>gurij</em> ‘landmark sign made of stone’ 21-43
2022, 6 Anatoly F. Zhuravlev Unproductive prefixes in East Slavic dialects (etymological heuristics; identification difficulties) 44-61