Year / Number Authors Title Pages
2023, 5 Alexey A. Gippius Birchbark letters from Veliky Novgorod and Staraya Russa excavations of 2022 7-28
2023, 5 Svetlana I. Burkova Modality of possibility and necessity in Russian Sign Language 29-61
2023, 5 Alina A. Russkikh Numerative constructions with exhaustive meaning in typological perspective 62-84
2023, 5 Egor V. Kashkin Towards a typology of semantic development of the verbs meaning ‘see’: Evidence from Tatyshly Udmurt 85-100
2023, 5 Yury A. Dzittsoity, Alexander I. Falileyev The magic bead of the Ossetians: Philological and linguistic analysis 101-116
2023, 5 Vladimir B. Ivanov Verbless predicative structures in Persian paroemias 117-132
2023, 5 Rezvan Motavallian Challenges of FrameNet: The case of motion verbs in Persian 133-147
2023, 5 Anna A. Zalizniak [Review of:] E. A. Balashov, A. N. Baranov, D. O. Dobrovoľskij, K. L. Kiseleva, A. D. Kozerenko, M. M. Korobova, M. N. Mikhailov, E. A. Osokina, N. A. Fateeva, L. L. Fedorova, E. V. Sharapova. Korpusnaya model’ idiostilya Dostoevskogo [A corpus model of Dostoevsky’s idiostyle]. Ed. by A. N. Baranov, D. O. Dobrovoľskij. Moscow: LEKSRUS, 2021 148-154
2023, 5 Maria I. Satina [Review of:] L. Becker. Articles in the world’s languages. (Linguistische Arbeiten, 577.) Berlin: De Gruyter, 2021 155-160
2023, 4 Viacheslav A. Chirikba Distributive patterns of Circassian vowels and reconstruction of the Common Circassian vowel system 7-20
2023, 4 Ivan A. Stenin On passive verbs with the marker <em>-ra / -rye</em> in Tundra Nenets 21-46
2023, 4 Maria V. Ermolova On the grammaticalization of past passive participles in Middle Russian 47-64
2023, 4 Alexander M. Petrov Is there a three-ictic <em>taktovik</em> in the verse of Russian bylinas? 65-95
2023, 4 Konstantin Yu. Lappo-Danilevskii Gavriil Derzhavin’s logoaedic verse 96-116
2023, 4 Nikolai B. Vakhtin Roman Jakobson and the Aleut materials collected by Waldemar Jochelson 117-128
2023, 4 Daria S. Glebova, Denis A. Golovanenko Linguistic thought of Medieval Iceland: The First Grammatical Treatise 129-156
2023, 4 Andrej A. Kibrik <em>Thought-Based Linguistics: How Languages Turn Thoughts into Sounds.</em> Wallace Chafe’s concluding book 157-168
2023, 3 Elena V. Uryson Delimiting the class of derived prepositions in Russian: Grammatical and semantic features of <em>isključaja</em> ‘excluding’ and <em>vključaja, sčitaja</em> ‘including’ 7-26
2023, 3 Alexander B. Letuchiy Russian colloquial complement clauses with <em>čto</em>: Quotative use and other special properties 27-59
2023, 3 Natalia Bernitskaïa, Robert Roudet Indefi niteness in Russian expressions like <em>Oni brali vsë, čto najdut</em> 60-76