Code-switching in infinitive constructions: Russian — Nanai

2020. №6, 66-93

Natalia M. Stoynova
Vinogradov Russian Language Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia;


The paper deals with a pattern of codeswitching in infinitive constructions attested in the speech of Nanai-Russian bilinguals. In these constructions, the matrix predicate is in Russian; the embedded verb comes from Nanai and takes the Nanai present tense suffix and the Russian infinitive suffix; the arguments of this verb come from Nanai. The mixed morphology of the embedded verb is the most intriguing. In the paper, I analyze Russian-Nanai infinitive constructions in terms of Myers-Scotton’s model of intrasentential codeswitching. The data contribute to a more general problem of verb integration in mixed clauses.

For citation:

Stoynova N. M. Code-switching in infinitive constructions: Russian — Nanai. Voprosy Jazykoznanija,
2020, 6: 66–93.


The research is supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project 18-312-00155 мол_а.