A speech and behaviour-based interpretation of four stanzas from chapter 3 of «Eugene Onegin».

2015. №2, 7-40

Eugene M. Vereščagin
Vinogradov Institute of the Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119019, Russia; zhenya2956@yandex.ru


Following stanza V («But tell me, which one was Tatyana?..») there is in the rough draft of the third chapter of Pushkin’s «Eugene Onegin» another stanza not present in printed editions of the novel and marked as Va («Onegin lying on the bed…»). In addition to the mentioned stanza Pushkin also wrote drafts of two other stanzas (Vb and Vc), consisting of only several words. A behavior-oriented linguistic analysis developed by the author of the article and applied to the four stanzas (two uncompleted) allowed to demonstrate that the original plot of the novel was changed not earlier than after these stanzas. According tο the original intention Pushkin wanted Onegin to fall in love with Tatyana at a glance, immediately. The author of the article is mainly occupied not with the general conclusion but with many concrete and newly interpreted background details capable to show a decisive and early victory of sincere love over the skeptical «Byronism» typical to the bored for Onegin.