Charles Fillmore’s legacy and modern theoretical linguistics.

2016. №2, 7-21

Ekaterina V. Rakhilina a, b, @, Yakov G. Testelets c, d, e
a National Research University «Higher School of Economics», Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation;
b Vinogradov Institute of the Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119019, Russian Federation;
c Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, 125267, Russian Federation;
d Moscow Pedagogical State University, 109240, Russian Federation;
e Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 125009, Russian Federation;


The paper addresses Charles Fillmore’s contribution to modern linguistics. We discuss Fillmore’s fundamental ideas such as Case Grammar, presupposition, deixis, frame, compositionality, Construction Grammar, which have significantly influenced its current development.