A. A. Shakhmatov, V. Jagić, and “Archiv für slavische Philologie”

2015. №1, 111-117

Oleg V. Lukin
Ushinsky Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University, Yaroslavl, 150000, Russia; oloukine@mail.ru


The article is devoted to academicians and outstanding Slavonic scholars A. A. Shakhmatov (1864—1920) and V. Jagić (1838—1923) and their cooperative work in the «Archiv für slavische Philologie» journal established by V. Jagić. The article contains some understudied facts relating to the interaction of the two great scientists and a description of the scientific paradigm in which their interaction developed for over 30 years in the late XIX — early XX centuries. This article provides a full list of Shakhmatov’s works published in the «Archiv für slavische Philologie» journal. It also outlines the circumstances resulting in these articles writing and publication and gives the names of scientists who supported the journal and influenced academic development of the great Russian slavist.