Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2014. No. 4

Viktor S. Xrakovskij
Does Russian imperfective have repetitive (frequentative / iterative / habitual) meaning?.
3 - 12
Olga E. Pekelis
Infinitive vs. čtoby-clause: Choosing the strategy of sentential argument marking in Russian.
13 - 45
Peter M. Arkadiev
The system of pluperfect forms in Shapsug dialect of Adyghe.
46 - 65
Anna Yu. Urmanchieva
Evidential markers in Selkup: Semantic and pragmatic factors in the description of verbal categories.
66 - 86
Boris L. Iomdin
Polysemous words in and out of the context
87 - 103
Maria A. Klyucheva
Sokyrtaga «blind ram» and šorykjol «sheep’s leg»: On the etymology of the names of a Mari game and festival.
104 - 113
Aleksandr A. Xolodovič
Morphological description as calculus.
114 - 132
Aleksandr G. Kozincev
U.T. Fitch. The evolution of language / Translated from English and edited by E.N. Panov, afterword by E.N. Panov and A.D. Košelev. M.: Languages of Russian culture, 2013. 768 с. ISBN 978-5-9551-0660-1.
133 - 139
Elena V. Perexval’skaja
A. Idström, E. Piirainen, T.F.M. Falzett (eds). Endangered metaphors. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2012. vi + 376 p. (Cognitive linguistic studies in cultural contexts, 2.).
140 - 145
Vasily I. Suprun
Ju.V. Složenikina. Basics of terminology: Linguistic aspects of the theory of terminology. М.: URSS, 2013. 120 с. ISBN 978-5-397-03887-4.
145 - 148
Academic life
Academic life
Valeriy G. Kuznetsov
The history of linguistics at XIX International linguistic congress.
149 - 151
Arseniy P. Vydrin
International symposium «The prospective as a grammatical category: Evidence from Turkic, Iranian and beyond».
152 - 154
Nadezhda K. Onipenko, Elena N. Nikitina
XLV Vinogradov readings at MSU.
155 - 157