The typology of Medieval Novgorod pogost names (based on the data of land inventories of late 15–16th cc.).

2014. №3, 67-81

Valerij L. Vasil’jev a, Nina N. Vixrova a, @
a Novgorod State University; Velikij Novgorod, 173003, Russia;


This article seeks to explore the features of toponymic nomenclature of medieval territorial districts in the Russian North-West, in other words, the churchyards (pogost’s), which were an essential feature of the administrative-territorial division of the Novgorod Republic land for eight centuries. Sources of research are Novgorod medieval tax registers (piscovyje knigi) of the XV–XVI centuries, in which the system of churchyards is presented in the most complete and systematic form. The authors describe the main nomination models for territorial districts and interpret the archaic toponymy of the main villages of these districts in terms of motivation and semantics.