Nominal TAM in Nganasan and other Northern Samoyedic languages.

2014. №1, 39-59

Larisa Leisiӧ
Kone Foundation, University of Tampere, 33100, Tampere, Finland;


This paper focuses on nominal tense in Nganasan. The discussion on nominal tense is based on the typology of the categories of tense, aspect and mood for NPs developed by [Nordliger, Sadler 2004; 2008]. The nominal future tense indicating a future possession is а revision of the category of destinative, fi rst developed by [Nikolaeva 2009] for Tundra Nenets. All the Northern Samoyedic languages have nominal future tense, which indicates a future possession and which is used in the nominative, accusative and genitive cases. In Tundra Nenets and Forest Nenets, nominal-future tensed head controls the partitive of the modifi er (a feature identifi ed for the fi rst time in this paper). In addition to the nominal future, Nganasan also has a past tense as well as a future-in-the-past mood for NPs. Nganasan nominal tenses and mood are compared to nominal tenses in Guaraní [Tonhauser 2006]. The language empirical material illustrating the topic was largely obtained during fi eld work sessions with native speakers.