Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2013. No. 2

Ekaterina Rakhilina, Tatiana I. Reznikova
Frame-based approach to lexical typology.
3 - 31
Anna A. Zalizniak
Semantic change as an object of a typological investigation.
32 - 51
Anja Gattnar
Competition of verbal aspects in iterative contexts as depending on the type and position of the quantifier.
52 - 68
Elena N. Nikitina
Null subjects and perceptive mode (on the expression of evidentiality in Russian).
69 - 82
Maxim L. Kisilier
Modern Greek dialectology: Achievements and problems.
83 - 98
Arseniy P. Vydrin
Two constructions of possibility in Ossetic.
99 - 120
Marija M. Buras, Maxim A. Krongauz
Terms of address in Russian family etiquette: Semantics and pragmatics.
121 - 131
Maria V. Shkapa
P. Suihkonen, B. Comrie, V. Solovyev (eds). Argument structure and grammatical relations: A cross-linguistic typology. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2012. xv + 406 pp. (Studies in language companion series 126). ISBN 978-90-272-0593-3.
132 - 135
Valentina S. L’usina
M. Maiden, J.Ch. Smith, M. Goldbach, M. Hinzelin (eds). Morphological autonomy: Perspectives from Romance infl ectional morphology. Oxford: Oxford university press, 2011. xix + 481 p. ISBN 978-0-19-958998-2.
135 - 142
Ekaterina V. Vel’mezova
Evolution of values across languages and cultures / Ed. by I.A. Sedakova. М.: Probel-2000, 2011.
142 - 145
Kirill A. Kožanov, Mikhail V. Oslon
[Review of:] V. Šapoval. Gypsy loan words in slang dictionaries. Criteria of a trustworthy description. Saarbrücken: Lambert аcademic рublishing, 2011.
146 - 149
Academic life
Academic life
Maxim M. Makartsev
Conference «The nature of evidentiality» and round table «Documenting evidentiality», Leiden, 2012.
150 - 154
Natalia V. Patroeva, Anna S. Kuleva
International conference «Russian studies in the beginning of the third millenium: Problems, conclusions, perspectives».
154 - 157
Kirill A. Kožanov, Sofia A. Oskolskaya, Mikhail V. Oslon
Workshop on Gypsy in Russia.
157 - 159