Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2012. No. 2

Rozalija F. Kasatkina
Russian language in search of an article.
3 - 9
Olga E. Pekelis
Twoplace coordinative conjunctions: A corpus-based study.
10 - 44
Dmitry M. Savinov
On the causes of pretonic vocalism evolution in Southern Russian dialects.
45 - 60
Natalia M. Stoynova
‘Again’-markers: A typological survey.
61 - 92
Dmitry S. Ganenkov
Dargwa infinitive and the typology of control.
93 - 108
Aimgul’ K. Kazkenova, Ruslan U. Arziev
On grammatical adaptation of verbs with borrowed stems in typologically divergent languages (case studies of Russian and Uyghur).
109 - 118
Natalia V. Serdobolskaya
[Review of:] E.L. Rudnitskaya. Spornye voprosy koreiskoi grammatiki: Teoreticheskie problemy i metody ikh resheniya [The controversial issues of Korean grammar: Theoretical problems and methods for solving them]. Moscow: Vostochnaya Literatura, 2010.
119 - 124
Mixail A. Živlov
[Review of:] C. Hasselblatt, P. Houtzagers, R. van Pareren (eds.). Language contact in times of globalization. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2011.
125 - 128
Anatoly N. Baranov
[Review of:] A. Naciscione. Stylistic use of phraseological units in discourse. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2010.
129 - 130
Ilya B. Itkin
[Review of:] M. Malzahn. The Tocharian verbal system. Leiden: Brill, 2010.
130 - 137
Vladimir A. Panov
[Review of:] S. Van Laer. La préverbation en latin: étude des préverbes ad-, in-, ob-, et per- dans la poésie républicaine et augustéenne. Bruxelles: Latomus, 2010.
137 - 141
Academic life
Academic life
Galina A. Zolotovа, Nadezhda K. Onipenko, Elena N. Nikitina
The history of Vinogradov readings at MSU, 1999–2011.
142 - 159