Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2009. № 2

Andrej A. Kibrik
Modus, genre and other parameters of discourse classification.
3 - 21
A.A. Rostovtsev-Popel
Typology of demonstratives: the middle deictics.
22 - 34
Natalia M. Zaika
The valency and personal variety of the Basque verb with dative agents caused by morphological constraints and rare forms.
35 - 44
Andrey B. Shluinsky
Reflexive markers in languages with serial constructions (founded on the material of the Ewe and Akan languages).
45 - 65
D.I. Idiatov
Partial antimorphologization: an example from the verbal morphology of the Tura language.
66 - 74
Valentin F. Vydrine
Preverbs in the Dan-Gweta language.
75 - 84
Z. Bagana, E.V. Hapilina
The main features of the language policy in the francophone «black» Africa (post-colonial period).
85 - 91
Leonid L. Kasatkin
On the nature of phoneme.
92 - 102
Liu Yunghung
Language comparison: theory, approaches and methods.
103 - 107
O.A. Anishchenko
Speech of the young. Evolution of designation: from «technical language» to «jargon».
108 - 116
Magomet I. Isaev
An outstanding representative of the Russian philology of the XIX–XX centuries, academician Vs.F. Miller (to the 160-th anniversary of the linguist).
117 - 123
Sergey A. Minor
E. Stark, E. Leiss, W. Abraham (eds.). Nominal determination: Typology, context constraints, and historical emergence.
124 - 129
Dmitri V. Sitchinava
The Munda languages / G.D.S. Anderson (ed.); G.D.S. Anderson. The Munda verb: Typological perspectives.
129 - 139
E.I. Yakushkina
E.L. Berezovich. Language and traditional culture. An ethnolinguistic study.
140 - 143
A.E. Kuznetsov
A.L. Verlinskij. Ancient theories on the origin of language.
144 - 147
Academic life
Academic life
Maxim M. Makartsev
The XVI conference on Balcanistics and Yugoslavistics.
148 - 151
O.M. Uriupina, O.Ju. Shemanaeva
The Sixth language resources and evaluation conference.
152 - 154
Boris L. Iomdin
The International conference «Dialogue-2008».
155 - 157