Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2009. № 1

Suren T. Zolyan
On the style of linguistic theory: R.O. Jakobson and V.V. Vinogradov on the poetic function of language.
3 - 8
A.E. Kuznetsov
The elision of -s# in archaic Latin and the metric structure of early Latin texts.
9 - 22
E.L. Grigorian
Causal meanings and syntactic structures.
23 - 34
M.A. Sheliakin
On the origin and use of the impersonal form of the Russian verb.
35 - 49
G. Nikiporets-Takigawa
The language of the Russian diaspora in Japan.
50 - 62
R. Rathmayr
«The new Russian politeness»: transient vogue of the business etiquette or basic pragmatic change.
63 - 81
K.T. Gadilia
Сategory of definiteness and predicative-argumental structure of the sentence (based on the material of some Iranian languages).
82 - 90
Galina V. Fedyuneva
On the reflexes of deictic particles *e «this, that» – *o ~ *u «that» in Permian.
91 - 97
Ju.V. Normanskaya
Development of Mordovian vocalism and reconstruction of Proto-Mordovian stress.
98 - 110
Nadezhda V. Kabinina
Toponimic relics of the Lower Dvina basin (Lod’ma, Onogra, Solombala).
111 - 117
Valeriy G. Kuznetsov
Louis Hjelmslev: early work.
118 - 125
F.I. Dudčuk
Field studies of two Turkic languages: limits of description and explanation
126 - 138
Tatiana B. Agranat
[Review of:] A. Holvoet. Mood and modality in Baltic.
139 - 141
V.A. Krugliakova, O.Ju. Shemanaeva
A. Stefanowitsch, St.Th. Gries (eds.). Corpus-based approaches to metaphor and metonymy.
141 - 147
Valerii M. Mokienko
Dictionary of the Vologda dialects. Fascicles 1–12: Dictionary of the Russian dialects in the Mordovian Autonomous Republic. Vol. 1–8; Dictionary of the Smolensk dialects. Fascicles 1–11.
147 - 154
Mark M. Makovskij
G.I. Berestnev. Word, language and beyond.
154 - 159