Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2007. № 1

K.-H. Schmidt
Some thoughts on the comparative and historical analysis of the Celtic word-stock.
3 - 17
M. Guiraud-Weber
The use of nouns as nominative predicates in contemporary Russian: is it yet possible to speak of the semantic opposition «nominative vs. instrumental case»?
18 - 26
Tsiang-Huang Chang
Aspectual semantic components in the meanings of nouns in Russian.
27 - 43
E.V. Prozorova
The Russian gesture language as subject of linguistic study.
44 - 61
R.A. Tadinova
The reflexes of velar consonants of Turkic loan-words in Nakh-Daghestan languages.
62 - 74
G.F. Blagova
The galaxy of like-minded orientalists opposing the views of the new and old Orientalistic schools (the first decades of the XX centuriy).
75 - 102
Vadim B. Krys’ko
Russian historical lexicography (XI–XVII centuries): problems and perspectives.
103 - 118
Julija L. Kuznecova
M. Tomasello. Constructing a language: a usage based theory of language acquisition.
119 - 125
Svetlana A. Burlak
W. Wildgen. The evolution of human language: Scenarios, principles, and cultural dynamics.
126 - 130
Sergey A. Minor
Linguistic diversity and language theories.
131 - 134
Anna A. Zalizniak
D. Dobrovol’skij, E. Piirainen. Figurative language: Cross-cultural and cross-linguistic perspectives.
135 - 139
Arseniy P. Vydrin, Yury A. Lander
Sеcondary predication and adverbial modification. The typology of depictives.
140 - 142
Natal’ja N. Zapol’skaja
Rozmova-Besěda. Das ruthenische und kirchenslavische Berlaimont-Gesprächsbuch des Ivan Uževyč.
143 - 144
Ilya A. Gruntov
A.N. Samoilovich. Turkic linguistics. Philology. Runics.
145 - 146
Valentin Yu. Gusev
A.I. Izotov. The functional-semantic category of imperativity in contemporary Czech language as compared with Russian.
147 - 150
Galina I. Kustova
[Review of:] Dostoevskij in focus. Lexicography and phraseology of the literary text.
151 - 154
Academic life
Academic life
Ekaterina V. Vel’mezova
The 18-th Conference of the International Society for the study of the history of linguistics.
155 - 157