Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2006. No. 5

Andrey A. Zaliznyak
Is it possible to create "The Igor tale" by way of imitation
3 - 21
Elena V. Uryson
The semantics of the Russian conjunction NO 'but': Language data on the activity of consciousness
22 - 42
Elizaveta G. Kotorova, A.V. Nefedov
Typological features of the Ket language: The apex or dependancy marking?
43 - 56
T.V. Leоntieva
The human intellect in the light of "plant" metaphors
57 - 77
A.V. Korochkov
On the quantitative evaluation of the adequacy of linguistic rules (founded on the material of English reading-rules)
78 - 91
O.V. Krasovskaya
Dialogue in law-court as a conventional communicative form
92 - 105
Valeriy G. Kuznetsov
F. de Saussure's doctrine in the light of saussurology
106 - 117
Dmitri V. Sitchinava
[Review of:] V.M. Alpatov. Voloshinov, Bakhtin and linguistics
118 - 122
Peter M. Arkadiev
[Review of:] M. Baerman, D. Brown, G.G. Corbett. The syntax-morphology interface. A study of syncretism. Cambridge: Cambridge university press, 2005. - xx + 281 p.
123 - 129
F.I. Kartashkova
[Review of:] G.E. Kreidlin. Non-verbal semiotics
129 - 132
Galina I. Kustova
[Review of:] E.V. Uryson. On the study of the "linguistic picture of the world". Analogy in semantics
133 - 135
Vladimir A. Plungian
[Review of:] Minor languages and traditions: existence on the verge of extinction. I. Linguistic problems of preservation and documentation of languages. Devoted to the 75-th birthday of Academician V.V. Ivanov
135 - 139
V.M. Zhivov
[Review of:] The variative prepositionless verbal regimen in the XVII century Russian
139 - 146
S.N. Tseitlin
[Review of:] G.M. Bogomazov. Age phonology (the two-level phonological system and its role in creating linguistic feeling and literacy in pupils of 1-6 forms)
146 - 148
Mikhail Kopotev, Laura A. Janda
National corpus of Russian
149 - 155
Academic life
Academic life
Avgust B. Kopeliovič, Marina V. Pimenova, Vladimir I. Furašov, N.V. Yudina
The International conference "Grammatical categories and units: syntagmatic aspect"
156 - 159