Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2006. No. 3

Andrey A. Zaliznyak, Valentin L. Janin
Birch codici from excavatoins of 2005
3 - 13
Galina A. Zolotovа
On the possibilities of grammatical science
14 - 21
I.A. Sekerina
The method of event-related brain potential in experimental psycholinguistics
22 - 45
A.I. Solopov
Toponyms with elements Augusta, Σεβαστή, Σεβάστεια, Σεβαστόπολις, Αὐγουστόπολις in Greek-Latin geographical nomenclature
46 - 69
W. Вreu
Inflective and derivational verbal aspect in Molisian-Slavonic language
70 - 85
N.Sh. Alexandrova
Native language, foreign language and linguistic phenomena having no name
88 - 100
Eugene M. Vereščagin
Viacheslav Ivanov's "Tale of Svetomir" read in narrative "poglasitsa"
101 - 116
Valeriy G. Kuznetsov
F. de Saussure and A. Sechehaye. The place of A. Sechehaye's work "Program and methods of theoretical linguistics" in the history of linguistics
117 - 129
Maja V. Vsevolodova
[Review of:] O.N. Seliverstova. Works in semantics
130 - 135
Ekaterina V. Vel’mezova
[Review of:] M.A. Robinson. The fates of academic elite: Russian Slavonic lingustics (1917 - begining of the 1930s)
135 - 139
Tatiana B. Agranat
[Review of:] E.Yu. Protasova. Finnish Russians: life and usage of language
139 - 143
Timur A. Maisak
[Review of:] Ö. Dahl. The growth and maintenance of linguistic complexity. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2004. X + 336 p.
143 - 147
O.M. Mazo
[Review of:] В. Zeisler. Relative tense and aspectual values in Tibetan languages: a comparative study. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2004. xxv, 986 p.
147 - 151
Olga V. Fedorova
[Review of:] Deixis and demonstratives in Oceanic languages / Ed. by G. Senft. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 2004. 204 p.
151 - 154
I.S. Aksenova, I.N. Toporova
[Review of:] J. Cammenga. Phonology and morphology of Ekegusii. A Bantu language of Kenya. Köln: Rüdiger Кöрре, 2002. 612 p. J. Cammenga. Igikuria phonology and morphology. A Bantu language of South-West Kenya and North-West Tanzania. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe, 2004. 352 p.
155 - 157
Academic life
Academic life
G.V. Glinskikh, Mikhail A. Grachev
Internatianal conference: "Language and contemporary social variants of language-IV"
158 - 159