Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2004. No. 5

E.S. Maslova
Dynamics of typological distributions and stability of language types
3 - 16
O.A. Lapteva
Self-organization of language development: the inner sources of languages changes (second article)
17 - 31
S.V. Andreeva
Typology of constructive-syntactic units in Russian speech
32 - 45
Elena V. Paducheva
The "incremental theme" and Russian aspectology
46 - 57
V.P. Grigor'ev
Euristics and the four-dimension space of language
58 - 67
R.Z. Muryasov, A.S. Samigullina, A.L. Fedorova
A contribution to the analysis of evalutive utterance
68 - 78
A.E. Man'kov
The origin of the category of gender in Indo-European
79 - 92
Vladimir M. Alpatov
The linguistic conception of A.I. Smirnitsky (to the 50th anniversary of his death)
93 - 107
Τ. Mentzel
[Review of:] M.V. Shulga. The development of the morphological system of the noun in Russian
108 - 114
Alexander A. Sokolyansky
[Review of:] L.L. Kasatkin. Phonetics of contemporary literary Russian
114 - 118
A.I. Kuznecova
[Review of:] G.M. Kert. The use of computer technologies in toponymy; G.M. Kert. Essays of the Karelian language; Baltic-Finnish linguistics. A collection of articles devoted to the 80th anniversary of G.M. Kert
118 - 121
Timur A. Maisak
[Review of:] B.D. Joseph, R.D. Janda (eds.). The handbook of historical linguistics
121 - 133
T.E. Kryuchkova
[Review of:] The hand-book of language variation and change
133 - 138
D. A. Paperno
[Review of:] R.M.W. Dixon, A.Y. Aikkenwaid (eds.). Word: A cross-linguistic typology
138 - 142
Vladimir M. Alpatov
[Review of:] Shoichi Iwasaki Japanese
142 - 145
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle features
146 - 157