Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2002. No. 1

Oleg N. Trubachev
Instead of an introduction
3 - 3
Vladimir M. Alpatov
Fifty years of the journal "Voprosy Jazykoznanija"
4 - 34
Oleg V. Lukin
Discussions on the parts of speech and the journal "Voprosy Jazykoznanija" in the fifties
35 - 47
O.A. Lapteva, G.F. Blagova, Mark M. Makovskij, G.V. Strокоva
How we worked at the Editorial Office of the journal "Voprosy Jazykoznanija"
48 - 57
G.F. Blagova
Academician V.M. Žirmunskij as deputy editor of the journal "Voprosy Jazykoznanija" and his role in the preparation of the "Dialectal Atlas of the Turkic languages"
58 - 64
On the indirect use of direct speech in the works of V. V. Vinogradov (From the history of Russian linguistic thought)
65 - 71
G.V. Strокоva
On the history of our everyday life at the Editorial Office of the journal "Voprosy Jazykoznanija"
72 - 80
N.I. Tolstoi
Church Slavonic and Russian: interrelation and symbiosis
81 - 90
O.V. Nikitin
The Moscow Dialectal Commision as recollected by D. N. Ušakov, N. N. Durnovo and A. M. Selišcev (unknown pages from the history of the Moscow linguistic school)
91 - 102
Vsevolod V. Potapov
Multilevel strategy in linguistic gender studies
103 - 130
Joy I. Edelman
[Рец. на / Review of:] I. M. Steblin-Kamenskij. Etymological dictionary of the Vahan language
131 - 135
Alexandr V. Zelenin
[Рец. на / Review of:] L. P. Krysin. Explanatory dictionary of foreign words
136 - 141
V.D. Devkin
[Рец. на / Review of:] W. Müller. Das Gegenwort-Wörterbuch. Ein Kontrastwörterbuch mit Gebrauchshinweisen
141 - 145
Larisa L. Shestakova
[Рец. на / Review of:] N. A. Koževnikova, Z. Yu. Petrova. Materials for a Dictionary of metaphors and comparisons in the Russian literature of the XIX–XX centuries. Fascicle I: “Birds”
145 - 148
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle features
149 - 159