Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1999. No. 6

A.V. Kravchenko
The classification of signs and the interdependence of language and knowledge
3 - 12
Igor M. Boguslavsky, Leonid L. Iomdin
Semantics of velocity
13 - 30
A.A. Zalevskaya
The psycholinguistic approach in the analysis of language phenomena
31 - 42
V.Yu. Melikyan
On the grammatical and derivational paradigm of the communicemes
43 - 53
A.M. Lomov, R. Gusman Tirado
The Russian complex sentence and methods of its substantial interpretation
54 - 65
V.S. Sidorets
Contemporary East Slavonic multiword names of actions with a desemanticized component in the light of functional and comparative analysis
66 - 78
Elena V. Uryson
The linguistic image of the world and lexical loans (Russian lexemes OKRUGA and RAJON)
79 - 82
G.I. Berestnev
Images of plurality and the image of plurality in Russian language mentality
83 - 99
Alexei L. Shilov
On the stratification of pre-Russian toponymy of Karelia
100 - 114
Vadim B. Krys’ko
[Review of:] Russkii yazyk. Entsiklopediya [Russian language. An encyclopaedia]
115 - 125
V.D. Devkin
[Review of:] Bol’shoi tolkovyi slovar’ russkogo yazyka [The comprehensive explanatory dictionary of the Russian language]
125 - 131
M.B. Borisova, O.B. Sirotinina
[Review of:] Tolkovyi slovar’ russkogo yazyka kontsa XX veka. Yazykovye izmeneniya [Explanatory dictionary of Russian in the end of the 20th century. Language changes]
131 - 135
I.S. Ulukhanov
[Review of:] E.G. Kotorova. Mezh”yazykovaya ekvivalentnost’ v leksicheskoi semantike. Sopostavitel’noe issledovanie russkogo i nemetskogo yazykov [Cross-linguistic equivalence in lexical semantics. Contrastive study of Russian and German]
135 - 139
L.A. Ilyushina
[Review of:] Kniga naritsaema Koz’ma Indikoplov [The Book Called Cosmas Indicopleustes]
139 - 141
Konstantin G. Krasukhin
[Review of:] F.R. Adrados, А. Bernabé, J. Mendoza. Manual de la lingüistica indoeuropea
141 - 148
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle notes
149 - 156

Index of articles published in the journal “Voprosy Jazykoznanija” in 1999
157 - 159