Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1997. No. 2

Oleg N. Trubachev
My recollections about Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy
5 - 15
N.I. Tolstoi
Slavia Orthodoxa and Slavia Latina — the common and the different in the literary-linguistic situation (preliminary evaluations)
16 - 23
Valentin L. Janin, Andrey A. Zaliznyak
Birchbark letters from Novgorod excavations of 1996
24 - 33
E.E. Babaeva, Anatoly F. Zhuravlev, I.I. Makeeva
On the project of “The historical dictionary of contemporary Russian”
34 - 46
V.G. Gak
Typology of analytical verbal forms in Slavonic languages (irradiation and concatenation)
47 - 58
N.D. Arutyunova
On shame and frost
59 - 70
T.I. Vendina
On the problem of the central and marginal areas of Slavia
71 - 76
Anna A. Plotnikova
A semantic approach to the description of terminology in South Slavonic ritual ceremonies
77 - 89
Vadim B. Krys’ko
Verba pretii in the history of Russian and other Slavonic languages
90 - 100
Elena V. Paducheva
The genitive case of the subject: Syntax or semantics?
101 - 116
O.A. Lapteva
On the formal and functional patterning of colloquial syntax
117 - 131
Tatyana A. Mikhailova
On the “grammar” of exorcism (the verbal magic in Old Irish poetic tradition)
132 - 141
T.V. Toporova
Indo-European parallels of Old Germanic exorcisms
142 - 149
N.A. Zamyatina
From the history of the icon inscriptions research
150 - 159
G.F. Blagova
Periodization of the literary Turkic languages in the archive works of academician A.N. Samoylovich
160 - 164
A.N. Samoylovich
n the Middle Asian Turkish literary language and its relation to other Turkic languages (1917)
165 - 168