Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1995. No. 4

Valerii M. Mokienko
Ideography and historical-etymological analysis of phraseology
3 - 13
A. Bierich
On the diachronic analysis of phraseological fields
14 - 24
Joy I. Edelman
Once more on the interaction of language levels in the history of Iranian languages
25 - 42
Ju.D. Apresian
The problem of factivity: Russian ZNATJ ‘to know’ and its synonyms
43 - 63
S.I. Iordanidi, Vadim B. Krys’ko
Old Russian innovations of nominal declension in the plural. Part 1
64 - 77
Maria N. Sheveleva
New data of Church Slavonic manuscripts on reflexes of sound combinations "reduced vowels + liquids" and the development of pleophony
78 - 93
Elena A. Galinskaya
Reflexes of the phoneme /ě/ in the early 17th century Smolensk dialect
94 - 100
Dusmamat S. Kulmamatov
Middle-Asian business-documents in Russian translation of the 17th century as a source for the history of the Russian language
101 - 110
A.D. Dulichenko
Principles of Jacob Linzbach’s philosophical language (On the sources of linguosemantics)
111 - 122
E.P. Zaxarova, M.A. Kormilicina
Problems of functional and stylistic differentiation of the Russian literary language in the works of the Saratov linguists
123 - 131
V.G. Demianov
[Review of:] Dictionary of the Russian language of the 9th-17th centuries, fascicles 1-20
132 - 136
V.I. Čuglov
[Review of:] Yu.I. Chaykina. Dictionary of geographic names of the Vologda region: The locatities
136 - 138
Eugene A. Helimski
[Reivew of:] K.Н. Меnges. Drei Schamanengesänge der Ewenki-Tungusen Nord-Sibiriens
139 - 141
A.I. Kuznecova
[Review of:] László Honti. Die Grundzahlwörter der uralischen Sprachen
142 - 144
Andrei Sideltsev
[Review of:] Indo-European numerals
145 - 148