Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1993. No. 4

H. Birnbaum
Genetic and typological approaches to external comparison of language
5 - 17
E.S. Kubryakova
Once more on the definition of a language sign
18 - 28
Georgy A. Klimov
New evidence on the residence of the Aryans in Asia Minor
29 - 37
A.S. Liberman
Hard and smooth consonants in the history of the Germanic languages
38 - 47
E.S. Yakovleva
On some patterns of space in the Russian-language image of the world
48 - 62
V.A. Lukin
The concept of truth and the word истина in Russian (An essay of conceptual analysis of the rational and the irrational in language)
63 - 86
Anatoly F. Zhuravlev
Proto-Slavonic word-stock of the Old Novgorod dialect in the light of lexicostatistics
87 - 98
Maria L. Kalenchuk, Rozalija F. Kasatkina
Collateral accent and rhythmic structure of the Russian word on verbal and phrasal levels
99 - 106
А. Wierzbicka
Anti-totalitarian language in Poland: Mechanisms of language self-defence
107 - 125
I.G. Miloslavskij
[Review] Ferm L. The expression of direction by prefixal verbs of movement in contemporary Russian
126 - 128
Mark M. Makovskij
[Review] J. Puhvel. Hittite etymological dictionary
128 - 139
I.A. Kornilaeva
[Review] T. Berger. Wortbildung und Akzent im Russischen
139 - 143
V.M. Andrjuščenko
[Review] Grjaznuxina T.A., Klimenko N.F. et al. The use of computers in linguistic investigations
143 - 145
A.N. Vanšenker, A.N. Jeremin, M.A. Petričenko
[Review] Tixonov A.N., Pardaev A.S. The families of one-root words and their role in the systemic arrangement of the word-stock. Reflected synonymy. Reflected homonymy. Reflected antonymy
145 - 148
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle notes
149 - 159