Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1993. No. 2

Dmitrij O. Dobrovol’skij, Yu.N. Karaulov
Idiomaticity in the thesaurus of the speaker's personality
5 - 15
Tatiana M. Nikolaeva
Prosodic scheme of the word and the role of accentuation. Accentuation as a fact of phonologization
16 - 28
L.A. Kanter
Systemic view of the intoneme-stock of language
29 - 41
A.R. Bomhard
The prehistoric development of the athematic verbal endings in Proto-Indo-European
42 - 49
I.A. Perelmuter
Functional and semantic evolution of the Indo-European medium
50 - 57
Beatrisa B. Khodorkovskaya
On the pre-history of the infect/perfect tense system in Latin and Osco-Umbrian (The formation of the system of perfect)
58 - 68
D.Ya. Telegin
Iranian hydronyms on the left shore of the river Dnipro and archaeological cultures
69 - 79
E. Hamp
The methods of analysis of historical-phonetic anomalies. Indra, his bow and his grape
80 - 82
B.I. Tatarincev
Loans or original word-stock? (On the problem of ancient loans in Turkic languages) [End]
83 - 95
R. Marojević
Impersonal sentences in Russian and their equivalents in Serbian (On the relation of contrastive linguistics with the theory of translation)
96 - 106
Oleg A. Radchenko
Linguophilosophical neoromanticism of J.L. Weisgerber
107 - 114
J.L. Weisgerber
Language and philosophy
114 - 124
R.G. Piotrovskij, A.N. Popescul, I.V. Sovpel
How a linguistic automat is built and how it works
125 - 134
Georgy A. Klimov
[Review] Fähnrich H., Sardžveladze Z.A. An etymological dictionary of the Kartvelian languages
135 - 139
A.I. Domashnev
[Review] Stellmacher D. Niederdeutsche Sprache. Eine Einführung
139 - 143
G.A. Zograf
[Review] Masica С.Р. The Indо-Aryan languages
143 - 149
A.A. Veretennikov
[Review] Rubinčik Yu.A. Lexicography of the Persian language
149 - 153
Konstantin G. Krasukhin
[Review] De Lamberterie Ch. Les adjectifs grecs en ‑υς : Sémantique et comparaison
153 - 158