Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1989. No. 3

L.R. Zinder
Some remarks on interlevel correlation in linguistics
5 - 7
Б. Хурьх
Phonetics and phonology or phonology and phonetics
8 - 14
L.V. Bondarko
The phonetic fund of modern Russian
15 - 19
B.I. Tatarincev
On the compatibility of the Nostratic theory with data obtained from the study of the Turkic languages
20 - 32
A.R. Bomhard
A survey of the comparative phonology of the so-called «Nostratic» languages
33 - 50
T.V. Bulygina, Alexei D. Shmelev
The spatial-temporal localization as a supercategory of the sentence
51 - 61
Ли Тоан Тханг
The spatial orientation in Vietnamese in connection with the picture of the world («Weltbild») (Ethnopsychological problems)
62 - 73
Anatoly N. Baranov
Axiological strategy in the structure of language (paremiology and word-stock)
74 - 90
L.E. Kalnyn’, G.P. Klepikova
On the importance of multilanguage atlases for the study of the Slavic dialect continuum
91 - 103
P.A. Florenskij
The term (Еnd)
104 - 117
Oleg N. Trubachev
Activities of the linguistic section at the X International Congress of slavists
118 - 128
У.Р. Шмальстиг
[Review of:] Saxokia M. M. Possessive, transitive and ergative constructions. Typological comparison of Old Persian, Old Armenian and Old Georgian
129 - 131
E.S. Kubryakova
[Review of:] Ulrich M. Thetisch und Kategorisch. Funktionen der Anordnung von Satzkonstituenten am Beispiel des Rumanischen und anderer Sprachen
131 - 133
Л.Л. Нелюбин
[Review of:] Automatic analysis of the scientific text
133 - 135
В.М. Лейчик, Serguey D. Shelov
[Review of:] Nikitina S. E. Semantic analysis of the language of science
135 - 140
С.И. Богданов, А.В. Голубева
[Review of:] Kuznecova A. I., Efremova T. F. Morpheme dictionary of the Russian language
140 - 144
Lyubov’ V. Kurkina
[Review of:] Rigler J. Rasprave о slovenskem jeziku
145 - 148
Academic life
Academic life
Tatiana M. Nikolaeva, Nina N. Rozanova
On the activities of the Permanent Commission on phonology and phonetics of the Department of language and literature of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR
149 - 151