Configurational case in a parametric model.

2017. №5, 92-122

Ekaterina A. Lyutikova
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation;
Moscow State University of Education, Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation;


The paper presents an overview of the current theories of case based on the Marantzian configurational model. The crucial idea behind the configurational approach is that structural case is assigned to DPs depending on the presence of other argumental noun phrases — case competitors — in the local domain. The most elaborated model of the configurational family is Mark Baker’s parametric model represented in a series of papers and in the recent monograph «Case: Its Principles and Parameters» (2015). Structural case assignment rule is parametrized with respect to the c-command relation type, local domains relevant to case assignment, and the syntactic category of the case receiver and case competitor. The most serious problems faced by the configurational theory are the timing of case assignment and the motivation of DP movement that feeds the case assignment process.