Asyndetic complement clauses with the Russian verb dumat’ ‘thinkʼ.

2017. №5, 7-35

Natalia V. Serdobolskaya
Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, 125267, Russian Federation;
Moscow State University of Education, Moscow, 109240, Russian Federation;


The paper is focused on asyndetic complement clauses with the Russian verb dumat’ ‘think’. This verb can occur as a head of a complement or a parenthetic clause. I propose in this paper the criteria to distinguish between these two types of constructions (the presence of a noun as a subject of thinking, adverbials, particles, appositions, main clause phenomena, as well as prosodic pattern, etc.) and consider the semantics of complement clauses with dumat’. The data is taken from the Russian National Corpus, S. Sharoff’s corpora and from the Internet.