“Rewrite it again”: Towards the typology of double derivational markers.

2016. №3, 37-63

Natal’ya M. Stoynova
Vinogradov Institute of the Russian Language, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119019, Russian Federation; stoynova@yandex.ru


The paper deals with the double use of ‘again’-markers. The meaning of repetition can be marked twice for one predicate either by two derivational affixes or by an affix (re-) and a lexeme (e. g. again). The resulting interpretation can be redundant (with the same meaning of ‘do again’) or recursive (‘again [to do again]’). All these cases are discussed with recourse to crosslinguistic data, with special attention focused on some particular cases in Russian. The picture presented leads us to more general observations on the nature of double derivational markers, such as the features of double derivational markers in comparison to inflectional ones; the predictions about the interpretation of a double marker, when the meanings of its components are not fully identical and the connection between the semantics of double markers and their morphological status.