Morphology of nominal indefinite declension in Moksha Mordvin dialects of the Volga region (a linguo-geographic aspect).

2015. №5, 104-119

Maria Z. Levina
Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk, 430010, Russia;


The study of dialectal features by the methods of linguistic geography, description of sub-dialects and dialects of Mordvin (Moksha and Erzya) languages is one of the relevant objectives of Mordvin and Finno-Ugric linguistics. The importance of the designated problem is defined by the fact that many of the dialects are under-described, as well as by the necessity to present the originality of the Moksha language, some sub-dialects of which are to date extinct or endangered. This article considers not only the paradigm of indefinite declension of noun, but also discusses the use of variant morphemes and isoglosses of their distribution in Moksha dialects of Volga region.