Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2013. No. 4

Andrey A. Zaliznyak, Valentin L. Janin
Birch-bark letters from the 2011 and 2012 excavations in Novgorod.
3 - 16
Sergey Yu. Boroday
The problem of linguistic relativity today: studies in spatial conceptualization.
17 - 54
Olga E. Pekelis
Partial agreement with subjects linked by a correlative conjunction: A corpus-based study of main regularities.
55 - 86
Julija L. Kuznecova, Laura A. Janda
Prefixes from the point of view of cognitive linguistics and typology (an answer to the paper by A.A. Zaliznjak and I.L. Mikaeljan).
87 - 96
Elena V. Gorbova
Spanish perfect: Still a perfect, or already a perfective / preterite?.
97 - 125
Dmitrij A. Romanov
The history of the derivatives of the French root flanc- in Russian.
126 - 136
Vladimir M. Alpatov
Lev Jakubinskij, une linguistique de la parole (URSS, années 1920–1930) / Textes édités et présentés par I. Ivanova, traductions d’I. Ivanova et P. Sériot. Limoges: Lambert-Lucas, 2012. 334 p.; I. Tylkowski. Vološinov en contexte. Essai d’épistémologie historique. Limoges: Lambert-Lucas, 2012. 380 p.
137 - 144
Tatiana M. Nikolaeva
M.L. Kalenčuk, L.L. Kasatkin, R.F. Kasatkina. Big orthoepic dictionary of Russian. Standard pronunciation and stress in the beginning of the XXI century: norm and its varieties. Moscow: AST-Press Kniga, 2012.
144 - 148
Academic life
Academic life
Boris L. Iomdin
International conference «Linguistics in the mirror of Russian studies: Interaction of language elements».
149 - 150
Anton V. Zimmerling
II International conference «Typology of morphosyntactic parameters».
151 - 154
Zoja M. Šal’apina
X International conference «Languages of the Far East, Southeast Asia and South Africa».
155 - 159