On some arguable points of Laura Janda’s aspectological theory.

2012. №6, 48-65


The article offers a critical analysis of the theoretical approach to the Russian aspectual system developed by Laura Janda and her coauthors in a series of publications, including the article published in the present issue of the journal «Voprosy jazykoznanija». It is shown that this approach, based on the premises of cognitive grammar, has a number of conceptual and methodological flaws. Arguments for an alternative view on the discussed problems, in particular, in defense of the concept of «aspectual pair», rejected by Janda, are provided. The paper also contains a large original material on «apectual triplets». We recognize the important contribution of Laura Janda and her group to the development of the Russian aspectual data base with corpora-based methods. Nevertheless, we propose ways of integrating results across various methodological approaches.