Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2011. № 1

Elena V. Paducheva
Implicit negation and negative polarity pronouns.
3 - 18
Valentina Apresjan
Cluster analysis of emotive concepts in Russian and Engish.
19 - 51
Alexey A. Kretov, Inna A. Merkulova, Vladimir T. Titov
Issues in Slavic quantitative lexicology.
52 - 65
Alexander A. Sokolyansky
Gradual oppositions in the core of Russian vocalism.
66 - 75
Sergey M. Polyakov
The verb to miss as a marker of the semantics of regret in modern English.
76 - 81
Oleg A. Radchenko, Larisa S. Alikayeva
J.H. Hamann in the linguistic discourse of the 18th century.
82 - 101
Alexander I. Falileyev
Recent publications on Old Irish
102 - 112
Kirill M. Korčagin
[Review of:] Y. G. Testelets (ed.). Aspects of polysynthetism: Studies in Adyghe grammar. Moscow: RSUH, 2009.
113 - 120
Sergej S. Saj
R.M.W. Dixon. Basic linguistic theory. V. 1–2. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010. V. 1: Methodology. V. 2: Grammatical topics.
121 - 130
Nina R. Dobrushina
B. Hansen, F. de Haan. Modals in the languages of Europe. A Reference Work. Berlin; New York, 2009.
131 - 134
Victoria G. Khurshudyan
[Review of:] J. Dum-Tragut. Armenian: Modern Eastern Armenian. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2009.
135 - 140
Iosif A. Fridman, Sergey V. Malyshev
[Review of:] G. Goldenberg, A. Shisha-Halevy. Egyptian, Semitic and general grammar. Studies in memory of H.J. Polotsky. Jerusalem: The Israel Academy of sciences and humanities, 2009.
140 - 151
David A. Erschler
[Review of:] F. Thordarson. Ossetic grammatical studies. Wien: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2009.
151 - 156
Academic life
Academic life
Peter M. Arkadiev
International conference “The Russian verb”.
157 - 159