Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2010. № 5

Rozalija F. Kasatkina
Are the Northern Russian characteristic traits driven by a substrate or by a genetic relationship?.
3 - 13
Anna A. Pichkhadze
Expression of the imperative and optative values in the Old and Middle Russian prescriptive documents.
14 - 24
Alexei M. Belov
Treatment of quantitative rhythmics in the modern linguistic theories.
25 - 43
Nina R. Sumbatova
Copulae in Dargwa: oppositions and usage.
44 - 62
Valentin F. Vydrine
The Dan-Gweta «Neutral aspect» and actional classes.
63 - 77
Mikhail V. Zelikov
Allocutive as a marker of specific subject-object relationships in Basque.
78 - 88
Leonid I. Kulikov
СаС//С(с)ā-type roots in Vedic: verbal morphonological patterns and syntactical orientation.
89 - 111
Elena A. Ivanova
A. A. Reformatsky’s studies on book typography and his early linguistic years (for his 110th anniversary).
112 - 120
Alexandr V. Kalashnikov
Eugene Nida as a linguist.
121 - 129
Svetlana A. Burlak, Mixail A. Živlov, Ilya B. Itkin
J.E. Rasmussen, T. Olander (eds.). Internal reconstruction in Indo-European: methods, results, and problems. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum press, 2009.
130 - 135
Svetlana V. Britova
[Review of:] E.V. Perekhvalskaya. Pidgin Russian languages. St. Petersburg: Aleteya, 2008.
135 - 139
Marina R. Shumarina
N.D. Golev (ed.). Everyday metalinguistic consciousness: ontological and gnoseological features. Kemerovo; Barnaul: Atlaic university press, 2009.
140 - 143
Pavel B. Parshin
A.N. Baranov, D.O. Dobrovolsky. Aspects of phraseological theory. Moscow: Znak, 2008.
143 - 148
Ilya A. Gruntov
S.S. Say, V.V. Baranova, N.V. Serdobolskaya (eds.). Studies in Kalmyk grammar. St. Petersburg: Nauka, 2009.
148 - 150
Academic life
Academic life
Jana E. Akhapkina, Elizaveta G. Sosnovceva
International conference «Vladimir Admoni’s contribution and modern linguistics».
151 - 155
Tatyana V. Skulacheva, Georgy V. Vekshin
The 1st international O.M. Brik commemorative conference «Poetics and phonostylistics».
155 - 158