Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2010. № 2

Gennady M. Zeldovich
Russian synthetic perfective passive in ­sja: why is it (almost) absent?.
3 - 36
Tatyana V. Skulacheva, Maria V. Buyakova
Verse and prose: coordination and subordination.
37 - 54
Alexei L. Shilov
Toponymic markers of the East Slavic expansion in the Moscow region.
55 - 63
Valeri S. Panfilov
Communicative syntax of Chinese.
64 - 83
David A. Erschler
Negative pronouns in Ossetic: areal and typological features.
84 - 105
Viktorija B. Gulida, Nikolai B. Vakhtin
Development of the St. Petersburg sociolinguistics in 15 years
106 - 119
Mikhail A. Grachev, Olga S. Sapozhnikova
E.M. Beregovskaya. Argot and the language of the 20th century French fiction. Smolensk: SmolGU, 2009.
120 - 123
Alexei M. Belov
J. Clackson. Indo-European linguistics. An introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge university press, 2007.
123 - 128
Konstantin G. Krasukhin
D. Wodtko, B. Irslinger, C. Schneider. Nomina im indogermanischen Lexikon. Heidelberg: Winter, 2008..
128 - 140
Mikhail V. Oslon
T. Olander. Balto-Slavic accentual mobility. Berlin; New York: Mouton de Guyter, 2009..
141 - 146
Ludmila A. Devel
B.T.S. Atkins, M. Rundell. The Oxford guide to practical lexicography. Oxford: Oxford university press, 2008.
146 - 149
Academic life
Academic life
Olga V. Dedova, Elena V. Petrukhina, Marina Yu. Sidorova, Evgeni V. Klobukov
International symposium «Slavic languages and cultures in the modern world».
150 - 156
Vladimir M. Alpatov
Workshop «Evgeni Polivanov (1891–1938) and his contribution to lingustics» in Paris.
156 - 158
Dmitry S. Ganenkov
Typological approaches to case: annual symposium organized by the Linguistic Association of Finland.
158 - 159