Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2010. № 1

Anna A. Zalizniak, Irina L. Mikaeljan, Alexei D. Shmelev
Aspectual correlation in Russian: supporting the «aspectual pair» notion.
3 - 23
Аnaïd Donabédian
Bare subject in Western Armenian: the problem of unaccusativity.
24 - 45
Inna F. Ragozina
Counterfactual explication in an irreal conditional sentence (with reference to Russian and French).
46 - 60
Elena V. Uryson
The compound conjunctions A TO and A NE TO: insights provided by the semantic compositionality approach
61 - 73
Fedor I. Rozhanskiy
Ingrian: defining boundaries in a language continuum.
74 - 93
Valery D. Solovyev
Typological databases: application prospects
94 - 110
Aleksey D. Palkin
Mikhail Bakhtin in the works by Japanese scholars
111 - 119
Elena G. Borisova
A. N. Baranov, D. O. Dobrovolsky (ed.). An idiomatic thesaurus of Modern Russian. Moscow: Avanta+, 2007.
120 - 122
Natalija S. Babenko
E. R. Skvairs, N. A. Ganina. German medieval manuscripts and old printed fragments in the «Dokumentensammlung Gustav Schmidt» from the Moscow University Scientific Library. Catalogue. Materials and studies. Moscow: MAKS-Press, 2008.
122 - 126
Dmitri V. Sitchinava
R. Aranovich. Split auxiliary systems. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2007.
126 - 133
Evelina A. Tolpina, Tatyana V. Skulacheva, Maria V. Buyakova
[Review of:] E. Kelih. Geschichte der Anwendung quantitativer Verfahren in der russischen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft. Hamburg: Verlag Dr. Kovač, 2008.
133 - 138
Kirill M. Korčagin
[Review of:] N. Fabb, M. Halle. Meter in poetry. A new theory. Cambridge: Cambridge university press, 2008..
138 - 146
Academic life
Academic life
Natalia V. Serdobolskaya
Linguistic projects sponsored by the RHSF in 2009: an overview.
147 - 153
Sofia A. Oskolskaya, Sergej S. Saj
Workshop «Russian language. Approaches in construction grammar and lexical semantics».
153 - 157
Elena G. Borisova
Conference «Understanding in communication».
158 - 159