Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2008. № 6

M.N. Bogoliubov
Afghan mína «love».
3 - 5
Igor M. Boguslavsky
Is diathesis inherent to the verb only?.
6 - 28
L.E. Kalnyn’
Some features of the consonant syntagmatics in Slavic languages / dialects.
29 - 34
Tore Nesset
The explanation of what has not taken place: the blocking of the suffixal shift in Russian verbs.
35 - 48
Viktor V. Šapoval
New «Romani elements» in Russian argot dictionaries.
49 - 77
Peter M. Arkadiev, Grigorij E. Krejdlin, Alexander B. Letuchiy
Semiotic conceptualization of the human body and its parts.
78 - 97
Olga V. Fedorova
Methods for registration of eye-movements «visual world»: a chance for a «rapprochement» of linguistic traditions.
98 - 120
Timur A. Maisak
Perspectives on grammar writing.
121 - 124
A.V. Arkhipov
[Review of:] T. Stolz, C. Stroh, A. Urdze. On comitatives and related categories: A typological study with special focus on the languages of Europe.
125 - 128
Julia V. Mazurova
C.P. Masica (ed.). Old and new perspectives of South Аsian languages: Grammar and semantics. Papers growing out of the fifth International conference on South Asian linguistics (ICOSAL-5).
128 - 131
Academic life
Academic life
E.E. Armand, G.S. Starostin
The Russian humanitarian scientific fund: support of linguistic studies.
132 - 139
G.A. Dyrkheyeva
Endangered languages an international problem.
139 - 145
Tatiana B. Agranat, Valentin Yu. Gusev
Conference on Uralic languages for the centenary of K.E. Maitinskaya.
145 - 149
Jana E. Akhapkina, Ya.V. Zavadskaya
International conference «Language typology and grammatical theory for the centennial anniversary of S.D. Katsnelson».
149 - 152
Zhanna Zh. Varbot, Lyubov’ V. Kurkina
International etymological symposium in Brno.
152 - 154

Index of articles published in «Voprosy Jazykoznanija» in 2008.
155 - 157