Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2007. № 2

S. G. Shafikov
Categories and concepts in linguistics.
3 - 17
A.S. Nikolaev
Suffixless preterit ro ír and other Old Irish preterits with long -i- in the root.
18 - 34
Mark M. Makovskij
Mythopoetical studies.
35 - 56
Fedor I. Rozhanskiy
Reduplication and names of animals in African languages.
57 - 66
Yang Jie
Trans-Baikal prepigin. A sociolinguistic study.
67 - 74
Sergej S. Saj
Reflexive constructions of «omitted object» in Russian. A pragmatic view.
75 - 91
Konstantin I. Kazenin
Some constraints on ellipsis in Russian.
92 - 107
A.V. Sakharova
Contensive parameters in the use of short participles of some stative verbs in the Old Russian chronicle.
108 - 126
V. V. Ponariadov
Dialectal differentiation in the Old Turkic language of the Yenissei runic inscriptions.
127 - 132
Yury A. Lander
[Review of:] N. Evans. Bininj Gun-wok: A pan-dialectal grammar of Mayali, Jinwinjku and Kune. V. 1–2. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics, 2003.
133 - 137
Nina R. Dobrushina
B. Hansen, P. Karlík (eds.). Modality in Slavonic languages. New perspectives.
137 - 142
Ilya A. Gruntov
[Review of:] J. Janhunen (ed.) The Mongolic languages. London: Routledge, 2003.
143 - 145
B. Wiemer
T.A. Maisak. Grammaticalization of constructions with verbs of motion and verbs of position. A typological study.
145 - 151
Academic life
Academic life
Sergei G. Tatevosov
The Third International conference on the formal description of the Altai languages.
152 - 154
D. A. Paperno
Jubilee conference devoted to the 50-fh. Anniversary of the seminar «Some uses of mathematical methods in linguistics».
154 - 156
Sergei Yu. Dmitrenko
Problems of typology and general linguistics: A conference devoted to the centenary of A. A. Kholodovich.
156 - 159