Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2006. No. 1

Vladimir M. Alpatov
Is N. Ja. Marr's doctrine up-to-date?
3 - 15
Aleksandr E. Kibrik, M.M. Brykina, A.P. Leontiev, A.N. Khitrov
Russian possessive constructions in the light of corpus-statistical analysis
16 - 45
Andrey B. Shluinsky
On the typology of predicate plurality: organization of the semantic zone
46 - 75
A.E. Grashchenkova
Reflexives in the group of the adjective: theoretical problems and typology
76 - 101
R. Comté
On the classification of the Slavic verb in the first half of the XX century: P. Boyer, S. Karcevskij and A. Meillet
102 - 122
A.I. Kuznecova
[Review of:] N.B. Vakhtin, E.V. Golovko. Sociolinguistics and sociology of language
123 - 128
A.V. Arkhipov
[Review of:] М. Haspelmath (ed.). Coordinating constructions. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2004. xiv + 578 p.
128 - 136
Peter M. Arkadiev
[Review of:] S. Luraghi. On the meaning of prepositions and cases. The expression of semantic roles in Ancient Greek. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2003. xii + 363 p. ISBN 90 272 3077 3.
137 - 140
E.Ya. Shmeleva, Alexei D. Shmelev
[Review of:] . E.A. Zemskaja. Language as activity. Morpheme. Word. Speech. Moscow: Yazyki Slavyanskoi Kul'tury, 2004. 688 p. (Studia philologica).
140 - 142
T.N. Moloshnaya
[Review of:] Fathers and sons of the Moscow linguistic school: in memory of V.N. Sidorov
143 - 145
D.I. Idiatov
[Review of:] G. Dumestre. Grammaire fondamentale du bambara. Paris: Karthala, 2003. 424 p.
145 - 148
Ilya A. Gruntov
[Review of:] S.A. Krylov. Theoretical grammar of contemporary Mongolian and associated problems of general linguistics. Pt. 1.
148 - 150
I.I. Chelysheva
[Review of:] Carte friulane del Quattrocento dall'archivio di San Cristoforo di Udine. A cura di Federico Vicario. Udine: Società filologica Friulana, 2001. 230 p. (Biblioteca di studi linguistici e filologici, 3).
150 - 152
Academic life
Academic life
Ekaterina V. Vel’mezova
10th International Karsky readings
153 - 159