Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2004. No. 6

Elena L. Berezovich
On the ethnolinguistic interpretation of semantic fields
3 - 24
Oleg A. Radchenko, N.A. Zakutkina
The dialectal "image of the world" as an idioethnic phenomenon
25 - 48
Inna F. Ragozina
On the proof-refutation in Russian and French utterances (a study in contrastive analysis)
49 - 63
Elena V. Uryson
The Russian conjunctions a and но and the person of the speaker
64 - 83
Tatyana A. Mikhailova
The Pict ethnonyms on Ptolemy's map: epidies
84 - 92
P.N. Donets
On the problem of the research unit in intercultural communication
93 - 99
M.V. Koltunova
Conventions as a pragmatic factor of dialogue communication
100 - 115
Yakov G. Testelets
[Review of:] A.E. Kibrik. Constants and variables of language
116 - 120
Elena V. Paducheva
[Review of:] S.G. Tatevosov. The semantics of the nominal group components: The quantor words
121 - 127
Peter M. Arkadiev, Svetlana A. Burlak
[Review of:] A. Carstairs-McCarthy. The origins of complex language. An inquiry into the evolutionary beginnings of sentences, syllables, and truth
127 - 134
Pavel V. Petrukhin
[Review of:] R. Benacchio. I dialetti sloveni del Friuli tra periferia e contatto
134 - 138
T.V. Mikhailova
[Review of:] E.Y. Chirkova. In search of time in Peking Mandarin
138 - 140
A.K. Ogloblin
[Review of:] The history of written Malay (VII - the beginning of the XX centuries)
140 - 141
Dmitrij O. Dobrovol’skij
[Review of:] S.I. Lubenskaja. The great Russian-English phraseological dictionary
142 - 148
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle features
149 - 152

Index of articles published in "Voprosy Jazykoznanija" in 2004
153 - 155