Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 2004. No. 4

Ju.D. Apresian
On the semantic "non-emptiness" and motivation of verbal lexical functions
3 - 18
Yu. Kaneko, Elena V. Petrukhina
Aspect semantics in the verbal systems of Russian and Japanese languages (comparative analysis of fragments of the linguistic image of the world)
19 - 33
Grigorij E. Krejdlin, E.B. Morozova
Interlinguistic typology of non-verbal units: the everyday nods
34 - 47
Yulia V. Nikolaeva
Functional and semantic features of the illustrative gestures in oral speech (based on the materials of the Russian language)
48 - 67
A.D. Koshelev
On the conceptual meanigs of the prefix о-/об-
68 - 101
Z. Bagana
Morphosyntactic interference from the point of view of French-Congolese bilinguism
102 - 121
O.V. Khanina
The desire: a cognitive-functional study
122 - 155
T.Ya. Elizarenkova
[Review of:] M.Mayrhofer. Die Personennamen in der R̥gveda-Saṃhitā. Sicheres und Zweifelhaftes. München: Verlag der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. 2003. 165 S.
156 - 159
Ilya B. Itkin
[Review of:] D.Q. Adams. A dictionary of Tocharian В. Amsterdam: Atlanta, 1999. 830 p.
159 - 165
Vladimir M. Alpatov
[Review of:] V. Uspenskij. Works on non-mathematics
165 - 169
N.Yu. Zaitseva, K.R. Piotrovskaya
[Review of:] M.A. Marusenko, B.L. Bessonov, L.M. Bogdanova, Μ.A. Anikin, N.E. Miasojedova. In search of the Lost author
169 - 171
Valentin Yu. Gusev
[Review of:] Ζ. Frajzyngier. A Grammar of Lele. Stanford (California): Center for the study of language and information, 2001. vii, 493 p. (Stanford monographs in African languages)
171 - 173
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle features
174 - 174