Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1999. No. 1

N.Yu. Shvedova
Some theoretical results of the work over the "Russian semantic dictionary"
3 - 16
Tatiana M. Nikolaeva, I. Fougeron
Some observations on the semantics and status of complex sentences with concessive conjunctions
17 - 36
Vadim V. Dementyev
Phatic speech genres
37 - 55
M.I. Chernysheva, Yu.N. Filippovich
Historical and lexicological (thematic) investigation: An experimental study based on informational technology
56 - 83
Sergey V. Knyazev
On the criteria of syllabization in contemporary Russian: The sonority wave and the theory of optimal value
84 - 102
Viktor S. Xrakovskij
Universal concessive constructions
103 - 122
A.I. Domashnev
New German orthography
123 - 130
Oleg V. Lukin
Parts of speech in ancient science (logic, rhetoric, grammar)
131 - 141
E.Yu. Protasova
Functional Pragmatiсs: Variant of psycholinguistics or general theory of linguistics?
142 - 155
Yu.S. Stepanov
[Review of:] D. Dobrovol'skij, E. Piirainen. Symbole in Sprache und Kultur: Studien zur Phraseologie aus kultursemiotischer Perspektive
156 - 158
Vladimir M. Alpatov
[Review of:] L.J. Loveday. Language contact in Japan. A socio-linguistic history
158 - 161
I.A. Perelmuter
[Review of:] M. Sabanééva. Essai sur l’évolution du subjonctif latin. Problèmes de la modalité verbale
162 - 164
E.E. Babaeva
[Review of:] A. Grannes. Izbrannye trudy po russkomu i slavyanskomu yazykoznaniyu [Selected works on Russian and Slavonic linguistics]
165 - 170
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle notes
171 - 176