Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1998. No. 6

Heinz Schuster-Šewc
On the so-called Proto-Slavonic archaisms in the Old Novgorod dialect of the Russian language
3 - 10
Konstantin G. Krasukhin
Accentology in the prehistory of Indo-European languages
11 - 38
T.V. Toporova
On the opposition “dark world” vs. “bright world” in Old Germanic cosmogony
39 - 47
Dmitrij O. Dobrovol’skij
National and cultural features in phraseology (II)
48 - 57
L.E. Kalnyn’
Inclusion of dialectisms in the text of the belles-lettres as a kind of contact between dialectal and literary forms of the Russian language
58 - 68
Ekaterina Rakhilina
Semantics of Russian “positional” predicates: STOJAT’ ‘stand’, LEŽAT’ ‘lie’, SIDET’ ‘sit’ and VISET’ ‘hang’
69 - 80
A.A. Zalevskaya
Psycholinguistics: methods, results, perspectives
81 - 94
Vladimir M. Alpatov
[Review of:] B. M. Gasparov. Yazyk, pamyat’, obraz. Lingvistika yazykovogo sushchestvovaniya [Language, memory, image. Linguistics of language existence]
95 - 100
Elena V. Petrukhina
[Review of:] A. V. Bondarko. Problemy grammaticheskoi semantiki i russkoi aspektologii [Problems of grammatical semantics and Russian aspectology]
100 - 106
Yu.N. Marchuk
[Review of:] R. K. Potapova. Speech: communication, information, cybernetics
106 - 110
E. Günter
[Review of:] S. Koester-Thoma, Е. A. Zemskaja (Hrsg.). Russische Umgangssprache. Phonetik, Morphologie, Syntax, Wortbildung, Wortstellung, Lexik, Nomination, Sprachspiel
110 - 112
V.B. Kuznetsov
Remarks concerning S. N. Nikolaev’s article “New data on the phonetics of Russian dialects”
112 - 115
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle notes
116 - 119

Index of articles published in the journal “Voprosy Jazykoznanija” in 1998
120 - 122