Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1997. No. 5

Vsevolod V. Potapov
The problem of dying languages in some regions of the world
3 - 15
Valentina Apresjan
Adverbs of exertion and small degree: semantics and its reflexes
16 - 34
A.N. Shalamova
Dictionary of the Russian language of the 11th-17th centuries: Problems and results (founded on the materials of the published volumes)
35 - 54
V.G. Gak
Some features of Biblical phraseologisms in Russian
55 - 65
Alan Timberlake
The augment of the perfect in the Lawrence chronicle
66 - 86
Ingrid Maier
Russian verbal rection in the 17th century: The problem of original phenomena and influence of the translated text (founded on the materials of “Vesti-Kuranty”)
87 - 101
M.Yu. Fedosyuk
Unsolved problems of the theory of speech genres
102 - 120
M.V. Filipenko
On the hierarchy of aspectual features in an utterance (the analysis of adverbials determining the “process”)
121 - 134
G.S. Goleva
Persian phraseology (linguistic and sociocultural aspects)
135 - 141
Georgy A. Klimov, Joy I. Edelman
[Review of:] Th. V. Gamkrelidze, V. V. Ivanov. Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans. A reconstruction and historical analysis of a Proto-language and a Proto-culture. Berlin / New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 1995
142 - 145
Nikolai N. Kazansky
[Review of:] A. L. Sihler. New comparative grammar of Greek and Latin. New York / Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995
145 - 150
I.G. Dobrodomov
[Review of:] Palaeoslavica. International journal for the study of Slavic Medieval literature, history, language and ethnology. Vol. 1–3 (1993–1995)
151 - 154
I.G. Dobrodomov
[Review of:] M. F. Muryanov. The Igor Tale in the context of European Middle Ages = Palaeoslavica. Vol. 4 (1996)
155 - 159