Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1997. No. 4

Yu.S. Stepanov
Non-paradigmatic accent shifts in Indo-European (I. Around the laws of Wackernagel and Leskien)
5 - 26
Aleksandr E. Kibrik
Hierarchies, roles, zeroes, markedness and “anomalous” package of grammatical semantics
27 - 57
V.M. Zhivov
Some remarks on the historical syntax of the Russian language (On the book: G. Hüttl-Folter. Syntaktische Studien zur neueren russischen Literatursprache. Die frühen Übersetzungen aus dem Französischen. Böhlau Verlag. Wien; Köln; Weimar, 1996.)
58 - 69
László Jászay
On the principles of determining aspectual pairs in Russian
70 - 84
E.Yu. Filimonova
The hierarchial ordering of grammatical persons. The second person. Hypothesis of linguistic correlation
85 - 91
E. Piirainen
“The field of metaphorical representation” — metaphor — metaphorical model (founded on phraseological material of the West Münsterland dialect of German)
92 - 100
Rodmonga K. Potapova, S.V. Prokopenko
The study of semantic-syntactic rhythmization of belletristic prose
101 - 114
S.G. Vorkachev
Indifference as an ethno-semantic feature of personality: An essay in comparative paremiology
115 - 124
E.V. Shelestyuk
On the linguistic study of the symbol (a survey of literature)
125 - 142
V.G. Gak
[Review of:] T. A. Repina. Sravnitel’naya tipologiya romanskikh yazykov (frantsuzskii, ital’yanskii, ispanskii, portugalskii, rumynskii) [Comparative typology of Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian)]. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg State Univ. Publ., 1996
143 - 147
A.N. Tikhonov
[Review of:] Contactological encyclopaedic dictionary. I. The Northern region. The languages of peoples of the North, Siberia arid the Far East in their contacts with the Russian language
147 - 150
V.D. Boyarkina
[Review of:] F. P.  Sorokoletov (ed.). Natsional’nye leksiko-frazeologicheskie fondy [The national lexico-phraseological card-indices]. St. Petersburg: Nauka, 1995
150 - 153
T.I. Vendina
[Review of:] L. P. Komyagina. Leksicheskii atlas Arkhangel’skoi oblasti [Lexical atlas of the Arkhangelsk region]. Arkhangelsk, 1994
153 - 159