Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1995. No. 5

Yu.S. Stepanov
Baba-Jaga, Jama, Janus, Jason and the others. On the problem of unstrict use of the comparative method
3 - 16
K.-H. Schmidt
On personal pronouns and the category of person in Kartvelian and Indo-European
17 - 26
Georgy A. Klimov, Joy I. Edelman
On prospects of historical reconstruction of an isolated language (based on the materials of the Burushaski language)
27 - 38
A.D. Dulichenko
International artificial languages: The object of linguistics and interlinguistics
39 - 55
A.I. Domashnev
The international status of German (on the publication of U. Ammon’s book “Die internationale Stellung der deutschen Sprache”)
56 - 59
L.S. Ermolaeva
On the semantic determinative in languages of nominative structure
60 - 73
B.Ya. Ostrovsky
Expression of aspect and tense meanings in the indicative mood of Dari
74 - 87
S.I. Iordanidi, Vadim B. Krys’ko
Old Russian innovations of nominal declension in the plural. Part 2
88 - 104
F. Papp
M.V. Lomonosov and the Hungarian language
105 - 107
Vladimir M. Alpatov
The book “Marxism and philosophy of language” and the history of linguistics
108 - 126
O.A. Lapteva
The study of Russian urban colloquial speech in regional localities
127 - 140
Mark M. Makovskij
[Review of:] V.D. Devkin. German-Russian dictionary of colloquial and nonstandard speech
141 - 145
Vadim B. Kasevich
[Review of:] Modern theories of language: The empirical challenge
145 - 148
R.A. Ageeva
[Review of:] I.N. Lezina, A.V. Superanskaya. A dictionary of Turkic tribal names. Parts 1-2, 1994
149 - 151
M.E. Alekseev
[Review of:] Z.K. Tarlanov. The Aguls: Their language and history; N.D. Suleimanov. Comparative study of the Agul dialects
152 - 156
Zoya Yu. Petrova
[Review of:] G.N. Sklyarevskaya. Metaphor in the system of language
156 - 159