Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1995. No. 3

Elena V. Uryson
Fundamental abilities of man and naïve "anatomy"
3 - 16
Valentina Apresjan
DLJA ‘for’ and RADI ‘for the sake of’: common features and differences
17 - 27
Aleksandr E. Kibrik, E.A. Bogdanova
Russian SAM ‘oneself’ as an operator of correction of the hearer’s expectations
28 - 47
L.A. Sergievskaya
Modality of the compound and complex sentences with imperative meaning in contemporary Russian
48 - 55
V.Z. Sannikov
The pun as a semantic phenomenon
56 - 69
E.A. Ivančikova
F.M. Dostoevsky’s “Raw Youth”: The lyrical narration
70 - 76
A.D. Shveitser
The history of American English: Moot problems
77 - 91
M.E. Alekseev
On the reconstruction of the Common Daghestanian nominal morphology
92 - 101
Vladimir B. Ivanov
The limits of the word and incapsulation in Persian, Tajik and Dari
102 - 117
A.A. Kerimova
The main trends in the development of contemporary Tajik literary language
118 - 126
Mark M. Makovskij
Compendium of Slavonic and Indo-European etymology (on the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the first fascicle of the “Etymological dictionary of Slavonic languages”)
127 - 141
Georgy A. Klimov
[Review of:] P. Lehmann. Historical linguistics. Third edition
142 - 145
Vladimir A. Plungian
[Review of:] A. Martinet. Memoires d’un linguiste: Vivre les langues
145 - 148
G.Ts. Pjurbeev
[Review of:] U.-Zh.Sh. Dondukov. Word-formation in Mongolic languages
148 - 150
A.V. Superanskaya
[Review of:] L.P. Kalakutskaya. Family names. Given names. Patronyms. Spelling and declension
150 - 152
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle notes
153 - 159