Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1995. No. 2

K.H. Schmidt
Reconstruction and transformation of Proto-Kartvelian
3 - 9
Yakov G. Testelets
Sibilants or sound-clusters in Proto-Kartvelian? (The classical dilemma and some new arguments)
10 - 28
A.K. Matveev
Apellative loans and stratification of substrat toponyms
29 - 42
Leonid L. Kasatkin
Some phonetic changes of consonant clusters in Russian, Old Russian and Proto-Slavonic caused by the consonant opposition "tense/lax"
43 - 56
A.S. Gerd
The Russian historical dialectology as an interdisciplinary branch of science (based on the materials of the Russian Pskov dialects)
57 - 67
T.G. Nikitina
On the classification scheme of a phraseological ideographic dictionary
68 - 82
Z.K. Tarlanov
On syntactic limits of the complex sentence in Russian: revaluation of the known facts
83 - 90
Nadezhda K. Onipenko
The study of complex sentences in the light of the communicative text-typology
91 - 98
Galina A. Zolotovа
Monopredicativity and polypredicativity in Russian syntax
99 - 109
L.V. Knorina
The nature of language as reflected in linguistic theories of the 17th century
110 - 120
A.D. Dulichenko
Resianology as part of Slovenic studies (on H. Steenwijk's book "The Slovenic dialect of Resia San Giorgio" and the collection "Principles of practical Resian grammar")
121 - 128
Konstantin I. Kazenin
[Review of:] G.G. Corbett, N.M. Fraser, S. Mc Glashan (eds.). Heads in grammatical theory. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993
129 - 143
A.I. Domashnev
[Review of:] Geschichte der deutschen Sprache: ein Lehrbuch für das germanistische Studium. Stuttgart; Leipzig: S. Hirzel, 1993
144 - 147
L.S. Ermolaeva
[Review of:] E. Leiss. Die Verbalkategorien des Deutschen. Ein Beitrag zur Theorie der sprachlichen Kategorisierung. Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1992
148 - 155