Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1994. No. 6

Oleg N. Trubachev
Thoughts on the pre-Christian religion of the Slavs in the light of Slavic linguistics (in connection with L. Moszyński’s book “Die vorchristliche Religion der Slaven im Lichte der slavischen Sprachwissenschaft”)
3 - 15
Vadim B. Krys’ko
Remarks on the Old Novgorod dialect (II. Varia)
16 - 30
Georgy A. Klimov
Fragments of culture of the ancient Kartvelians in the light of linguistic data
31 - 36
T.E. Yanko
Cognitive strategies m speech: communicative structure of the Russian intoductive sentences
37 - 59
R.I. Rоzina
Cognitive and taxonomic relations. Categorisation of the world in language and in text
60 - 78
I.G. Ruzin
Cognitive strategies of naming: Modalities of perception (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) and their expression in language
79 - 100
P.I. Kuznetsov
The system of narrow-vocalic formants in Old Turkic - Middle Asian Turkic - Ottoman - Turkish
101 - 117
Tatyana A. Mikhailova
The red colour in Irish: The notion and means of its expression
118 - 128
Viktor S. Xrakovskij
Conditional constructions: Interaction of conditional and temporal meanings
129 - 139
F.D. Ashnin, Vladimir M. Alpatov
From the unpublished heritage of A. M. Sukhotin
140 - 141
A.M. Sukhotin
Outline of the report “On F. de Saussure’s Course of General Linguistics”
142 - 143
N.A. Zamyatina
A manuscript card-index “Materials for a Dictionary of graphic arts of Old and New Times" by P. K. Simoni (1918)
144 - 146
G.K. Werner
[Review of:] Yazyki mira. Ural’skie yazyki [Languages of the world. The Uralic languages]. Moscow: Nauka, 1993
147 - 149
N.N. Semenyuk
[Review of:] D. Krohn. Grundwortschätze und Auswahlkriterien. Metalexikographische und fremdsprachdidaktische Studien zur Struktur und Funktion deutscher Grundwortschätze. Göteborg, 1992
150 - 152
Alexandr E. Anikin
[Review of:] Linguistica Baltica. International journal of Baltic linguistics, 1992. Colloquium Pruthenicum Primum. W. Smoczyński, A. Holvoet (eds.). Warszawa, 1992
152 - 156

Index of articles published in 1994
157 - 159