Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1994. No. 4

V.V. Sedov
East-Slavonic ethnolinguistic community
3 - 16
V.Z. Demyankov
Cognitive linguistics as a variety of interpretative approach
17 - 33
E.S. Kubryakova
The early stages of cognitivism: Linguistics — Psychology — Cognitive science
34 - 47
T.V. Toporova
On Old Icelandic formulae of Chaos and End of the World and their Indo-European correspondences
48 - 51
L. Lönngren
Compiling a Swedish associative dictionary
52 - 60
E.I. Shutova
On the definition of word in Chinese linguistics
61 - 72
M.V. Nefed’ev
Semantic evolution of verbal prefixes “na-” and “ob-” in the history of the Russian language of 11th-16th centuries
73 - 83
Yu.N. Karaulov
In memoriam S. G. Barkhudarov
84 - 85
Galina A. Zolotovа
On the new possibilities of lexicography
85 - 95
Galina I. Kustova, Elena V. Paducheva
Dictionary as a lexical database
96 - 106
Ekaterina Rakhilina
On lexical databases
107 - 113
Anatoly N. Baranov
Remarks on the Russian words “deskat’ ” and “mo l”
114 - 124
L.V. Bondarko
To the ninetieth birthday of L. R. Zinder
125 - 126
L.R. Zinder
Baudouin, Shcherba and the origins of Trubetzkoy’s phonological theory
126 - 135
Oleg N. Trubachev
On the work of the XI International Congress of slavists (historical linguistics)
136 - 143
Natalija S. Babenko
[Review of:] Baranov A. N., Dobrovol’skij D. O. German-Russian and Russian-German dictionary of linguistic terms (with English equivalents). Moscow: Pomovsky i Partnery, 1993
144 - 148
Vadim B. Krys’ko
[Review of:] Rozhdestvenskaya T. V. Drevnerusskie nadpisi na stenakh khramov: Novye istochniki XI–XV vv. [Old Russian inscriptions on the walls of temples: New sources of 11th-15th centuries]. St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg State University, 1992
148 - 152
M.S. Kameneva
[Review of:] Veretennikov A. A. Ocherki glagol’noi frazeologii persidskogo yazyka [A sketch of verbal phraseology of the Persian language]. Moscow: Nauka, 1993
153 - 154
Academic life
Academic life

Chronicle notes
155 - 159