Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1994. No. 2

H. Pilch
Language or languages? The proper study of the linguist
5 - 28
A.V. Bondarko
The problem of intentionality in grammar (founded on the materials of the Russian language)
29 - 42
L.H. Babby
Noncanonical configurational case assignment strategies
43 - 74
V.V. Gurevich
The role of demonstrative links in the general system of syntactic relations
75 - 81
N.I. Lepskaya
Child speech in the light of the communication theory
82 - 89
N.V. Ivanov
The semantic function of articles: An essay in logico-philosophical analysis (case study of Portuguese)
90 - 96
M.I. Chernysheva
On the sources of lexical variability in early Slavonic translations from Greek: The method of “bilingual doublets”
97 - 107
N.G. Pomazan
Some features of the Allemannic dialect of German (сentral and marginal areas)
108 - 118
P.I. Kuznetsov
On the origin of the Turkic case affixes
119 - 131
A.I. Domashnev, L.S. Ermolaeva
[Review of:] Schirmunski V. Linguistische und ethnographische Studien über die alten deutschen Siedlungen in der Ukraine, Rußland und Transkaukasien
132 - 135
Yu.P. Knyazev
[Review of:] Verbal aspect in discourse. Contributions to the semantics of time and temporal perspective in Slavic and non-Slavic languages
135 - 140
O.S. Shirokov
[Review of:] G. A. Klimov. Osnovy lingivsitcheskoi komparativistiki [Principles of linguistic comparativistics]
140 - 144
Vadim B. Krys’ko
[Review] V. Čekmonas. Vvedenie v slavyanskuyu filologiyu [Introduction to Slavonic philology]; A. E. Suprun. Vvedenie v slavyanskuyu filologiyu [Introduction to Slavonic philology]; V. V. Chedia. Vvedenie v slavyanskuyu filologiyu [Introduction to Slavonic philology]
144 - 150
I.I. Makeeva, Anna A. Pichkhadze
[Review of:] Die Lexik der altrussischen Version des „Jüdischen Krieges“ des Flavius Josephus
150 - 152