Voprosy Jazykoznanija. 1994. No. 1

R. Channon
A new approach to the analysis of grammatical relations
5 - 19
V.I. Shakhovskii
Types of emotive meanings
20 - 25
V.V. Levitskii
Phonetic motivation of the word
26 - 37
R.S. Pomirko
Sound alternations and word semantics
38 - 43
V.M. Trub
Communicative aspects of negation viewed as negative evaluation of reality
44 - 61
Anatolii A. Polikarpov, V.Ja. Kurlov
A systemic investigation of the stylistic features of the word-stock (based on the study of an explanatory dictionary)
62 - 75
Z.N. Džaparidze
On the nature of the subsensory phonetic units and methods of their study
76 - 82
Yu.V. Shcheka
A hypothesis on possible stages of language evolution (based on materials of Turkish intonology)
83 - 99
Mikhail V. Zelikov
Elliptic patterns in the languages of Spain (areal characteristics, origin and function)
100 - 113
Elena L. Rudnitskaya
Some classes of sentential adverbs in Russian. Semantics. Syntax. Lexicography
114 - 125
Ilya B. Itkin
Once more on the alternation e ~ ’o in contemporary Russian
126 - 133
A.A. Veretennikov
On a grammatical innovation in contemporary Persian (uncodified function of the postfix -rā)
134 - 139
A.M. Ščerbak
[Review] Handbuch der türkischen Sprachwissenschaft
140 - 143
V.Z. Demyankov
[Review] Jacob A. Temps et langage: Essai sur les structures du sujet parlant
143 - 146
Vladimir M. Alpatov
[Review] Kibrik A.E. Essays on general and applied linguistics
146 - 150
O.P. Ermakova
[Review] Zemskaja E.A. Word formation as an activity
150 - 154
K.A. Dolinin, Michail Ya. Dymarsky
[Review] In honour of Professor Victor Levin. Russian philology and history
154 - 159